30 April 2017

Remembering: The Illegal Trial – The Illegal Harassment

Dov Bruner:
“You (the British) were given a mandate by the world to correct the horrific wrong that was done to the Jewish nation. You accepted the responsibility to help set up a Jewish state in Palestine but very quickly veered off course in a cruel and brutal way. You closed the door to immigration, causing the deaths of millions of Jews who would have left Europe, had they been allowed to enter Palestine. You enacted laws which benefitted yourselves and put Jews in grave danger and you became an occupying army in our G-d given land. Therefore, it became our obligation to rise up and fight against you to drive you out of our land. It is the Jewish nation – as mandated by G-d Himself – who will be the only ones running this country and anyone who attempts to sever that bond will pay the ultimate price.” Dov then concluded with the words; “I will not speak any more at this illegal trial. I understand that I face a possible death sentence but I will not defend myself before those who have no right to judge me.”

Meir Ettinger:

So what is this ‘Kingdom of Israel’? For 2000 years in exile, Jews around the world said in their prayers “Let me witness the return to Zion” and concluded with the words, “blessed is He who restores His glory to Zion.” These Jews did not merely want to return to the land of Israel to build fields and buildings. They wanted more. They wanted to restore G-d’s presence in the land by creating a state that would spread the name of G-d throughout the world.

Davening at Kever Rashbi on ErevRosh Chodesh Iyar

Yidden Davening In Meron On Erev Rosh Chodesh Iyar

(Photos by JDN)

Archaeology Discovers the Exodus (Scientific Proof)

The Lack of Evidence is not 
Evidence of a Lack

29 April 2017


א' אייר התשע"ז   27.04.2017 08:30

I believe this is the last installment of his recent posting.
יש דין
תפארתו של עם ישראל היא המשפט העברי - על שבוע התפארת בספירת העומר
ואשיבה שופטייך כבראשונה.
השבוע השלישי של ימי ספירת העומר הוא שבוע התפארת – תפארתו של עם ישראל היא המשפט העברי – חוקי התורה אשר "מי גוי גדול אשר לו חוקים ומשפטים צדיקים ככל התורה הזאת". בשבוע זה נעסוק בתהליך התיקון של חידוש המשפט העברי.
הצעד הראשון הוא חסד שבתפארת – הקמת בתי דין על פי המשפט העברי בכל מקום יישוב בארץ ישראל, וכצעד ראשון - בתי דין לממונות הנוגעים לחיי הפרט. שלמות מצוות יישוב הארץ הוא בקיום המצווה "שופטים ושוטרים תיתן לך בכל שעריך". בתי הדין מאפשרים את קיום יישובו של עולם, ודואגים לתיקון חיי האזרחים כדי להפוך את החיים בארץ לנעימים ומתוקנים.
לאחר צד החסד שבחידוש מערכת המשפט העברית כדי לבסס אותה זקוקים גם לגבורה שבתפארת. הגבורה נדרשת גם לצורך אכיפת פסקי הדין, אך כיום נדרשת לה גם יכולת עמידה אל מול מערכת המשפט הזרה (והנוכרית), ואל מול המשפט הבין לאומי. כדי שנוכל לעמוד על שלנו נדרשת תקיפות ו/או חוסן צבאי שיאפשרו לנו שלא לשנות את ציווי התורה הקדושה מפני שום איום או הפחדה.
התפארת שבתפארת היא למעשה ה'פנים' של מערכת המשפט התורנית, כאשר בעם ישראל ישנו דימוי שלילי על מדינה הנוהגת על פי המשפט העברי, תיקון התפארת שבתפארת הוא הפצת פנימיות התורה בדגש על פנימיות ההלכה כך שנוכל להראות לכל עם ישראל את תפארתם ורחמנותם של משפטי התורה, המבוססים על רחמנות אמתית "אמת ומשפט שלום שפטו בשעריכם".
הצעד הבא הדורש תיקון הוא הנצח שתפארת. הקריאה לעליית כל היהודים מארצות הנכר באה במקביל לפעילות 'משרד החוץ' העוסק בבירור הניצוצות המפוזרים ברחבי תבל. תקון הנצח שבתפארת היא יציאה החוצה – ללמד את התורה לכל הגויים, ולהזמין אותם לטעום מחכמתה של התורה.
במקביל לשלב הקודם נדרש בירור וזיכוך פנימי שמתבטא בתיקון פגם ההוד שבתפארת. על פי הוראת התורה "לא תוכל לתת עליך איש נוכרי" - בפרט במערכת המשפט. וקיום ההלכה הקובעת "ואלה המשפטים אשר תשים לפניהם" ולא בפני ערכאות של נוכרים (או יהודים השופטים כמו בערכאות של נוכרים.
ונסיים את שני השלבים האחרונים של תיקון מערכת המשפט בזריזות:
יסוד שבתפארת – קשור כמובן ללימודי המשפטים באקדמיה, תיקון האקדמיה יהפוך פקולטות מיותרות אלו לבתי מדרש שיעסקו בסוגיות המתחדשות על פי התורה הקדושה.
ומלכות שבתפארת – שהרי שלמות תיקון המשפט הא בבית המקדש, בלשכת הגזית "שמשם יוצאת הוראה לישראל" זהו בית המשפט העליון שלנו, כאשר נזכה לכנס את חכמי ישראל ולכונן מחדש את הסנהדרין אז יתקייים בנו שלמות הייעוד של "ואשיבה שופטייך כבראשונה". 

28 April 2017

Parshas Tazria-Metzora

Everything Else is “GMG"
By Roy S. Neuberger

We have completed the epic Yom Tov called Pesach and are counting the days until Shavuos. This reflects our ancestors’ historic physical and spiritual march from Mitzraim to Har Sinai, which in turn reflects the spiritual activity which should be going on at all times within the soul of a Yid, as we continuously work to free ourselves from our spiritual Mitzraim and deepen our attachment to the Ribono shel Olam

With us, everything physical can and should be spiritual. When our physical life reflects the Torah life, then we are living the way we are supposed to live. In Gan Eden, before the rebellion, there was no contradiction between gashmius and ruchnius. We are trying to regain that perfect state of being. 

Several decades ago, I had surgery just before Pesach. Baruch Hashem, something was removed which turned out to be, to use the technical term, “GMG …Gornisht Mit Gornisht!” (We once had a kindly pediatrician who, at a frightening moment, told us that our child’s problem was “GMG.” With that phrase, he brought us out of the “Valley of Death.”) After my surgery, I thought: “They removed the chometz! Now I am ready for Pesach!”

Avraham Avinu looked to the physical world and found its Creator. 

“The heavens declare the glory of G-d and the expanse of the sky tells of His handiwork…” (Tehillim 19) 

“I raise my eyes to the mountains. Whence will come my Help? My help is from Hashem, Maker of heaven and earth!” (Tehillim 121) 

Hashem helps us in every possible way. The physical world reflects the spiritual world and we can learn from everything, even the pathway of an ant or the pathway of a comet. When Hashem helps us overcome physical obstructions, He is reassuring us that He will help spiritually as well. 

A Gemora describes the relationship between Yetzias Mitzraim and the Geula Shelemah. We are familiar with this passage from the Haggadah: Rabbi Elazar ben Azaryah was unable to convince his colleagues that one must mention Yetzias Mitzraim at night “until Ben Zoma expounded … ‘that you may remember the day when you came forth from Mitzraim all the days of your life.’”  The superfluous word “all” implies that this refers also to the era of Moshiach.

“Ben Zoma said, Will we [in fact] mention the Exodus from Mitzraim in the Messianic Era? But has it not already been said: ‘Behold days are coming – the word of Hashem – when people will no longer swear, ‘As Hashem lives, Who brought the children of Israel up from the Land of Mitzraim,’ but rather, ‘As Hashem lives, Who brought up and brought back the offspring of the House of Israel from the Land of the North and from all the lands wherein He had dispersed them?’ 

“[The Sages] replied: [This verse does] not [mean] that [the mentioning of] the Exodus from Mitzraim will be uprooted from its place, but rather that [the mentioning of the Geulah Shelemah] will be primary and the Exodus from Mitzraim [will be] secondary to it.” (Berachos 12b)

This passage seems clearly to refer our generation. The Gemora uses the language, “the offspring of the House of Israel,” which appears to refer to a far-distant generation from the one that Hashem rescued from Mitzraim. This reminds me of the language in the first bracha of Shemoneh Esreh, “Who …brings a Redeemer to their children’s children.”  We are the Children of the Children of the Avos, but – Baruch Hashem! – we are not excluded from the eternal bracha bestowed upon them! 

Secondly, the passage refers to a redemption from “all the lands wherein He had dispersed them.” Surely this is a reference to the Final Redemption. In Mitzraim, our ancestors were all trapped in one country, but now – millennia in the future – we are spread out to “all the lands.” As we say every day, “gather us together from the four corners of the earth!”

The Haggadah speaks of “dam, v’aish v’simros ashan … Blood, fire and columns of smoke.” These words (from Yoel Hanovi 4:1),refer to the days when Hashem will “bring back the captivity of Yehuda and Yerushalayim.” The Be’er Miriam explains (based on Yerushalmi, Pesachim 10:1) that “the four cups of wine at the Seder represent the four measures of punishment to be doled out to the enemies of Israel at the time of the future redemption. The drops of wine that we spill from the cup (at the Seder) are to symbolize that the punishment of the Egyptians is like a drop in the ocean compared to those future punishments.” (Artscroll Interlinear Haggadah)

As we march from Mitzraim toward Har Sinai, we should contemplate these words. The enormous punishment inflicted upon Mitzraim is compared to “a drop in the ocean!” Is it possible to imagine the magnitude of the Geula Shelemah? No one except the Ruler of the Universe knows what is in store for the world! If the Revelation at Har Sinai was of such magnitude that the world has never been the same since, and if those events are only “a drop in the ocean” compared to the Future Redemption, how can we begin to understand its magnitude? 

Everything else is “GMG” compared to that which Hashem is about to bring to the world!

“Multitudes upon multitudes [will fall] in the Valley of the [Final] decision, for the day of Hashem is near … Hashem will roar from Zion and will emit His voice from Yerushalayim and the heavens and earth will tremble. 

“But Hashem will be a shelter for His people and a stronghold for the Children of Israel…. Jerusalem will be holy and aliens will no longer pass through her.” (Yoel 4:14ff) 

May we merit to see the complete fulfillment of these words soon in our days!

*          *          *          *
Roy Neuberger, author and public speaker, can be reached at roy@2020vision.co.il.

© Copyright 2017 by Roy S. Neuberger

27 April 2017

The First 100 Days Of President Trump

The First 100 Days Of President Trump

Superb Shiur

Rabbi Mizrachi is coming to Eretz Yisrael next week.

Nisan Bids Farewell to Nisson

Chodesh Nisan Bids Farewell to Nisson, Rabbi Nisson Wolpin zt”l

One who sees the future is haRoeh es haNolad*
One who brings to life the past is a Jewish observer

And so Rabbi Nisson Wolpin zt”l brought to life past Rabbonim, as well as crucial issues of the day in the pages of the Jewish Observer publication, which flourished and became the voice of Orthodox Jewish life under his insightful and skilled pen.

Back in the 80’s life was very different. For me, I was single and after being bounced from jobs whose employers didn’t take to leaving Fridays early, I landed a choice position as Secretary to Rabbi Nisson Wolpin, Editor of the Jewish Observer. There it was that I would read (and decipher) his handwriting in draft after revision. And many a time (at his desk deep in thought to) yet another reshaping – to bring every word into its fullest and relevant respectful meaning. This was indeed the craft of a purposeful thinker and writer. Many of the important issues of the day were delved into and crafted into article after article from his office. Indeed it was an exciting time. 

In the month of Av in the year 2010 my husband and I made Aliya to Eretz Yisrael, finally a dream come true for me. Also in that same year, 2010, Rabbi Wolpin and his wife, ybl”ch Devorah, finally came to Eretz Yisrael, where Rabbi Wolpin was able to fulfill his dream of Learning in the Great Yeshiva a/k/a Eretz Yisrael, following in the footsteps of many sages who lived and are now resting in the holiness of the soil.

In his last days, Rabbi Wolpin was hospitalized and comforted by his family and close friends. The Rabbi, thinker and writer, was niftar late Monday night, 29 Nisan.

I’m sure that Rabbi Wolpin was greeted in the great Repository of Scripture by all the Rabbonim that he brought to life with his skilled pen in the pages of the Jewish Observer – Nisson from Nisan to the Great Yeshiva shel Mallah. 

Yehi zichro baruch

HaRoeh Es HaNolad - "Who is wise: One who sees that which is to be born”  (Avot: 2:9 - Ethics of Fathers)

26 April 2017

At The Conclusion of Project Gotham Shield

As a Follow-up to the Conclusion of the Project Gotham Shield, we hope it does not happen, and Reb Nir ben Artzi has said there would be NO NUCLEAR WAR, the following is put forth ‘just in case’.

The following appeared on ZeroHedge:

While North Korean provocations have received the most attention in recent weeks, government officials remain at least as concerned about the possibility of an attack by terrorists or other "non-state" actors. In these scenarios, a nuclear device might be secreted into a ship, or some other delivery device, and exploded at ground level.

The largest nuclear blasts would create a fireball a mile in diameter and temperatures as hot as the surface of the sun, followed quickly by winds greater than the force of a hurricane, according to the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists. (North Korea's past nuclear tests have been far smaller, with the largest an estimated 10 kilotons, less than either of the atomic bombs used on Japan in World War II). Radioactive fallout would be carried for miles by the jet stream and surface winds. While little might be done for immediate blast victims, researchers say that the public's response will be crucial.

Resist the instinct to run for the hills

Years of novels, television and movie dramatizations have popularized visions of nuke victims flowing out of cities in unruly masses, seeking out radiation-free air. But experts say that finding a route to safety would range from difficult to impossible, given the droves who would be gridlocking freeways.

Survivors of an immediate blast would be much better served by finding cover. A car is better than the open air, while most houses are considerably safer than a car, particularly if there is room to hunker down in a basement.

"Go as far below ground as possible or in the center of a tall building," says Ready.gov, the website created by FEMA and the Department of Homeland Security. "The goal is to put as many walls and as much concrete, brick and soil between you and the radioactive material outside." The site recommends staying inside for at least 24 hours, unless authorities recommend coming out sooner.

The sheltering directives go against the basic human instinct to flee and to reunite with family members as quickly as possible, emergency preparedness officials acknowledge. But parents are directed to leave their kids in school or day care, rather than risk driving to them in the radiation-laden atmosphere.

When the Los Angeles area conducted a nuclear-threat exercise in 2010 called Operation Golden Phoenix, Lawrence Livermore's health physicist Buddemeier presented a model of a possible terrorist attack near Universal Studios Hollywood. His findings showed that 285,000 could die or get radiation sickness. But the vast majority of those, about 240,000, would be spared if they could find their way to basements or other more substantial shelters.

Those findings are common knowledge among public health officials and the subject of routine meetings like the one last month near Washington, D.C., of the National Council on Radiation Protection. Yet there is a "gap" between expert knowledge about these best practices and "getting it all the way into the public consciousness ... to keep them and their families safe," Buddemeier said.

Read the full article at the ZeroHedge link above.

Watch for Moon, Mars, Aldebaran after Sunset April 27

Amazing Creations of HaShem
Moon, Mars, Aldebaran after Sunset -
Venus brightest appearance in the Morning Sky

On April 27 the crescent moon makes a brief appearance just after sunset. The moon passes rather close to the red star Aldebaran and the ruddy planet Mars over the next few days.


Washington D.C. To Hold Massive "Coordinated Terror Attack" Drill This Wednesday

April 24-26 2017 — Operation Gotham Shield 2017

Operation Gotham Shield, an exercise involving FEMA, Homeland Security and a myriad of law enforcement and military agencies and which simulates a nuclear bomb blast over Manhattan, is set to conclude.

Then, as we learned earlier, April 26 is also when the entire Senate will be briefed by Donald Trump and his four top defense and military officials on the situation in North Korea at the White House, an event which Reuters dubbed as "unusual."

April 26 is also when the USS Carl Vinson is expected to finally arrive off the coast of the Korean Penninsula.

Now, in a statement from the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments, the regional association reports that "law enforcement officials and other first responders will participate in a full-scale exercise on April 26 designed to prepare for the possibility of a complex coordinated terror attack in the National Capital Region.”

The exercise will be conducted across a widespread geographical area. According to the release, the regional exercise will be staged at six sites in the District of Columbia, suburban Maryland and Northern Virginia, and will involve hundreds of police, fire, and emergency medical service personnel and volunteer actors.

The is scheduled to take place near or at George Mason University, and last from 8:30am until 4:30pm.

The statement also advises that the only media availability will be in a one hour block before the exercise, from 7:30am - 8:30am on April 26.

Source: Read More at Zero Hedge

Read more here at: The Gothamist – A host of federal and local agencies began conducting nuclear response drills in the New York and New Jersey area on Monday as part of a four-day long FEMA-led exercise known as Gotham Shield 2017. The drills, which are theoretical and do not involve actual volunteers posing as victims (au contrare), will simulate a scenario in which a 10,000 ton improvised nuclear device goes off on the New Jersey side of the Lincoln Tunnel, FEMA spokeswoman Lauren Lefebvre told Gothamist. MetLife Stadium will serve as the primary response center, and the event will be "focused on interagency and multi state coordination during a nuclear incident,"


You may also like to view https://youtu.be/4KD5209haQU, from which is a screen capture (notice the two countries highlighted). The screen shot is from a TV Show called JERICO (?). What do you make of this?

Possibly Very Serious Weather Approaching Earth – Is this Nibiru?

[i.e. Nibiru System Approaching*see last video displayed below]

(h/t absolutetruth)

BP Earth reported on this, it was the CME [coronal mass ejection] that occurred about 4 days ago that caused the Coast to Coast blackout two days ago, that made all the sense to me, I saw the large coronal hole presently on the sun and that will produce solar winds but no plasma release, that wind will be millions of miles an hour, you could look for yourself on the monitors. Incidentally the blackout we had just a day ago happened all around the world, they just did not report it to us. Now it appears that we are being warn of potentially bad weather coming our way.

GRAPH:  Overloaded Transformers from Electrical Currents Hitting Earth

Power Outage Update/Solar Wind Speed 1.678 Million MPH


REPOST FROM WSO and Steve Olson

And the leading website for Nibiru and Earth Changes, WSO, gives us an explanation for some of the Earth’s unusual activity (Solar, Magnetosphere, :

"Big Planet on Allsky is a Match - Plus SPACE WEATHER Pressure On Earth Unyielding" [This Big Planet Video can be seen at Shirat Devorah: Nibiru is Right Here, in Queensland Australia who has a front row seat (in Australia) for this one. 

The Serious Weather Approaching seems verified in the chart at the near end of this video which shows activity in the coming days of April. We shall wait and see, of course, how HaShem allows what may occur.


This post was prepared several days ago, adding today only the Big Planet on Allsky video from WSO.