24 September 2017


I apologize for this not quite accurate reporting. Thanks to a fellow blogger, we have uncovered a misrepresentation of current events. Rather, the subject-matter is being used to further a specific viewpoint of WSO. Therefore, I am removing the video, but have left the picture for relevance.

But be not dismayed, we still have vital information about MARIA:


NEW - Hurricane Maria - Models leaning LEFT - East Coast Advisory – ARRIVAL NEXT WEEK–SUCCOT

September 23, 2017: UPDATE / Models are suggesting a possible East Coast impact by Hurricane Maria. New York may not be out of the question as the models continue to lean towards the left/west.

FURTHER CLARIFICATION: This photo is from 2016 and we have be led astray. I searched the European Space Agency and could not find this photo or the story. Very 
The European Space Agency’s latest image of the Nile River might have a few doomsday zealots heading for the hills. It appears the Egyptian river is a deep, blood red, drawing parallels to the first biblical plague of Egypt as told in the Book of Exodus. The Nile River is seen from above, turning a deep blood red. It’s a satellite image captured by the European Space Agency’s Sentinel-3A satellite. The red color indicates the location of vegetation, according to an ESA press release.

23 September 2017

The Innocent Door – Fascinating Film on the Early Renovation – And Today’s Modernization of JERUSALEM

The Innocent Door

Today, Jerusalem is constantly forced to grapple with issues surrounding its ancient history and future growth. This is not a new phenomenon, however, as demonstrated by this short documentary from 1973.

In it, the viewer is given a first-hand look at the very beginning of the transformation of the city’s architectural character through the eyes of its residents and planners, including Moshe Safdie.

This short documentary affords us an unusual and privileged view of the old city of Jerusalem, before and after the redevelopment of certain key sectors took place in the early 1970s. The man appointed to try to reconcile the need for change with traditional values is Montreal architect Moshe Safdie. His plans, shown in scale models, are in harmony with ancient architecture and encompass the “innocent doorways” that lead from walled streets to pleasant courtyards. [with Moshe Safde, Amos Elon, Meron Benvennisti, Teddy Kollek]

Nir Barkat Is No Moshe Safde

People from Tel Aviv will commute to Jerusalem - only 30 minutes by train.

In the coming weeks, the Israel Land Authority (ILA) and the Jerusalem municipality will begin issuing tenders for the purchase of land on which a new business district near the entrance to Jerusalem will be built. 24 buildings will be constructed on 300 dunam (75 acres): nine 36-storey buildings and 15 buildings of up to 10 storeys. In all, there will be 1.6 million square meters of business space for a city with a 44% poverty rate, compared with a 22% nationwide rate.

You planned a business district with no connections to residences. All over the world, people have already realized that it is important to mix residences within largely business zones.

Situated next door to the nearly-completed
HaUma Railway Station, the building’s visage
will loom above the circular opening of the transportation hub,
commanding the gaze of commuters
arriving from Tel Aviv via the high-speed rail.

"In my nine years as mayor, I've been thinking like a market maker. My main job was to see where Jerusalem was strong, generate demand, and then facilitate supply capacity to meet that demand. The first area was a combination of tourism and culture, which generates an economic dynamic - to generate an enormous mass of demand, following which the supply would awaken. We had 9,500 hotel rooms then, and now we have 12,000 hotel rooms, with 5,000 more rooms in the pipeline. This happens only in Jerusalem. Businesspeople already realize that we're determined to develop culture and tourism in Jerusalem, and generating the demand will also bring the supply.

"The second area is High Tech, Medicine, the life sciences, and high tech are spheres in which Jerusalem is growing faster than the rest of the country. Over the past two years, we have added 4,000 more employees: we have gone from 14,000 to 18,000 employees in these fields. It's not only because of Mobileye, which now has a total of 700 employees in Jerusalem. It's very likely that we'll be among the 20 leading countries in the high-tech world in the 2017, and we're regarded as one of the world's fastest-growing cities in high tech. This drama, and this is the infrastructure for the new business district, is infrastructure that we created nine years ago. We don't have an available square meter in the city now. We're starting to develop the business district at the entrance to the city at a time when high tech, hotels, and night life are flying high.

Jerusalem has grabbed a position it didn't have before, and with this demand, we're starting to generate the supply. The business district is planned to provide a real solution to demand for jobs. It's located on the most highly developed transportation hub in Israel, at the exit from the regular railway, with two light railway lines, 1,400 parking spaces and a central bus station. It's a little like the Azrieli Center in Tel Aviv, but seven times as big. The business sector and real estate companies will obviously rise to the challenge.”

Interview with Nir Barkat, Mayor of Jerusalem 2017.
Published by Globes [online], Israel Business News - www.globes-online.com - on July 19, 2017
Globes online

20 September 2017

ROSH HASHANA Ksiva v'Chassima Tova!

By Roy S. Neuberger

As we approach Rosh Hashanah, the entire world is aware of profound danger, a palpable threat emanating from a certain dictator who has access to the most powerful weapons as well as the means to deliver those weapons to distant lands. This uncontrollable dictator does not respond to the moral considerations which guide ethical, civilized people. 

I believe it is no accident that this is occurring at the time of Yom HaDin

There is another dangerous dictator who threatens us. His name is Yetzer Hara. We tend to ignore or belittle his existence because we want to believe he is not real, but, if we ignore him, then, somehow, events occur in the world which make it clear that our lives are in danger. 

The words of the Novi leap from the page. “For behold, the day is coming, burning like an oven, when all the wicked people and all the evildoers will be like straw and that coming day will burn them up, says Hashem, Master of Legions, so that it will not leave them a root or branch. But a sun of righteousness will shine for you who fear My Name, with healing in its rays and you will go out and flourish … and you will trample the wicked, for they will be ashes under the soles of your feet, on that day that I bring about, says Hashem, Master of Legions.” (Malachi 3:19ff)

By what means can we attempt to save ourselves from the conflagration and be healed by the rays of the “sun of righteousness?” The Novi makes it clear that this is a spiritual process. We have to be among those who “fear [His] Name.” We will have to work very diligently to try to achieve this madreiga

“Min hamaitzar … from the straits I call upon G-d…. Do not shut Your ear from my prayer … when I cry out … Please accept with favor the offerings of my mouth, Hashem, and teach me Your judgments.” (Tefillah before Shofar blowing)

I would like to inquire why the Shofar is the unique feature of Rosh Hashanah. Why of all services is this avoda chosen to represent us? 

This is a very loud world. We all suffer from noise pollution. Whether it is the screaming of a plane coming in for a landing, a jack-hammer on a city street, or a radio blasting out of a car window, this world is filled with noise. We add to it by allowing loud music at simchas and constant use of our cell phones, even when there is nothing to say. Many people are trying to make their voices heard, yet the airwaves are filled with emptiness. 

If you want to hear the sound of reality, listen for a “still, thin sound.” This was the voice with which Hashem spoke to Eliayahu Hanovi (1 Kings 19:12) But you have to listen well. This is perhaps one reason why the Torah instructs us, “Shema, Yisroel.” We have to listen for the Voice of Hashem. It is there, but we have to filter out the noise.

This is perhaps related to the fact that the entire survival of Am Yisroel is suspended on one thread, which is called “Torah Sh’ba’al’Pe … the Oral Torah.” This Torah is to be heard and absorbed through intense and constant effort, by word of mouth from father to son, rebbeto talmid, generation to generation. Our enemies know it is the secret of our existence and that is why the ones who hate us burn our Talmud and relentlessly search for the “Shas Yid.” They know the secret of our survival, but they cannot eliminate that “still, thin sound,”because it comes from Hashem.  

On Rosh Hashanah we listen. We hear the call of the Shofar and we concentrate intently upon that sound in order to live. The Shofar is made from the horn of the animal that was shechted instead of Yitzchak Avinu, who was willing to give his life for Torah. It represents our only hope, which is to give our life for Torah. That’s the only way we are going to be able to be healed by the “sun of righteousness.” We have to listen for the Voice of Hashem. “On the third day… the sound of the shofar was very powerful … the entire people … shuddered (and) G-d spoke.” (Shemos 19:16) 

Yes, we can escape from the insane dictator who is threatening the entire world with flames. And we can also escape from the mighty dictator within us. It will take intense kavana, intense desire, tears of teshuva, tears which fall onto the Machzor and reveal our desire for life. We can survive whatever is coming externally or internally if we beg Avinu Malkainu to save us, and listen to the sound of the Shofar

Soon, b’ezras Hashem, we will hear the Shofar Gadol and see the day which is “everlasting Shabbos.” Ksiva v’chassima tova, and may Hashem rescue us from all evil! 

+          +          +

At this season I want to express once again my gratitude to Artscroll/Mesorah Publications for their wonderfully literate and articulate translations from Loshon Hakodesh, which I use (with their permission) in published writings throughout the year. May Hashem continue to grant them the privilege to disseminate His Word and raise the level of kedusha among Am Yisroel. I want particularly to pay tribute this year to Rabbi Meir Zlotowitz zt”l, the force behind this courageous project from its inception. As someone raised without Torah, I do not see how I could even have attempted to navigate the Ocean of Torah without this steady and sturdy ship.

*          *          *          *
Roy Neuberger, author and public speaker, can be reached at roy@2020vision.co.il.

© Copyright 2017 by Roy S. Neuberger


President Trump Enjoying Matzo Ball Chicken Soup

19 September 2017


Getting the Message
[this article appeared in the Shabbat Hamodia]

In the past week, as one part of the country still struggled to recover from the immediate aftereffects of Hurricane Harvey, another was being battered by Hurricane Irma, an incredibly powerful storm that is dominating international headlines. The drama surrounding the Hurricane almost eclipsed the fact that Mexico was hit ban an extraordinarily strong, 8.1 mag earthquake that was felt for more than 650 miles.

[. . .]On Friday nights, during Kabbalas Shabbos, we recite “Mizmor l”Dovid have LaHashem” (Tehillim 29).

In his classic commentary on Tehillim, Harav Samson R appeal Hirsch gives a profound explanation of these pesukim. “Kol Hashem backache, kol Hashem b’hadar . . . – The voice of Hashem is within every force, the voice of Hashem is with all things beautiful. The voice of Hashem also breaks cedars, even as Hashem also broke the cedars of Lebanon. As He made them skip like calves . . . . The voice of Hashem also strikes flames of fire . . . . (29:4-7).”

Rav Hirsch teaches that within every show of strength or harmonious beauty in what is commonly referred to as “nature,” the Voice of Hashem, so to speak, is calling to us.

"The Voice of Hashem, which demonstrates its creative, shaping and regulating strength in nature as well as in your own lives can also bring destruction. Those who, like cedars, will attempt to resist His power, have cause to fear His Voice, for it will destroy them, as as, in the realm of nature, the might of Hashem shatters cedars and moves mountains . . . .”

All we have to do is listen.

* * *

Nearly a century ago, when devastating earthquakes killed tens of thousands in Japan, the Chofetz Chaim undertook a partial fast and urged Klal Yisrael to do Teshuvah. Two years later, when a powerful earthquake hit Russia, destroying entire cities and causing many fatalities, the Chofetz Chaim wrote a powerful letter about it.

“Certainly, any thinking person should be gripped by fear and trembling as to what Hashem has done to us. The One Who is good and does good to all is merciful to all His creations, and does not even desire the death of the wicked, as it says: ‘By My life, says Hashem, I do not desire the death of the wicked one, but rather that he repent and live’ (Yechezkel 33). The understanding person will realize that Hashem is urging us to do Teshuvah and is showing us all that He has the power to do. And it is clear to me that if we had prophets sent from Hashem, they would, without doubt, be standing guard to urge Jews to do Yeshivah to our Father in Heaven. Because with our evil deeds, we have no prophets or Divine messengers* in our times, He is urging us through other messengers to do Teshuvah, as it says: ‘He makes winds His messengers; burning fire His servants. . . .”

The Chofetz Chaim goes on to refer to the story of Yonah Hanavi, and stresses that it is up to every Yid with yiras  Hashem in his heart to ask the words spoken to Yonah by the captain of the ship that was about to capsize in a devastating storm:

“How can you sleep so soundly?
Arise! Call to your G–D!”

“Behold, my brothers and friends, we see that the Middas Hadin has strengthened itself very much in the world. . .it is a wonder to me that the world doesn’t fear at all when we see that all the [descriptions] mentioned in Unesaneh TOkef were fulfilled this year and no one is paying attention. Each and every one should be afraid . . . we are obligated to believe that that [what transpired’ is a warning from Hashem that we should do Teshuvah. . . .”

These piercing words of the Chotetz Chaim speak for themselves every day of the year. And how much more do they speak to us just days before Rosh Hashanah"


ALERT: TROPICAL STORM MARIA – NOW CAT 5 (Like Irma) – JOSE Not Out of Picture

The Holy One, blessed be He, will strike the world with floods and earthquakes. The Creator of the world complicates the world's leaders and the nations among them. The Creator of the Universe is speaking with extreme toughness and anger.

The sea is raging and noisy, waiting for the instructions of the Creator..


BREAKING: Hurricane MARIA a CAT 5 / 160mph - Military Evacuates ahead of Massive Storm
Puerto Rico imposes rationing as Hurricane Maria approaches
The U.S. National Hurricane Center said Maria -- on a path that would take it near many of the islands already wrecked by Hurricane Irma and then on toward Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic -- is an "extremely dangerous" storm with maximum sustained winds of 160 mph. It was centered about 15 miles east-southeast of Dominica -- or 40 miles east of Martinique -- and heading west-northwest at 9 mph late Monday afternoon.CBS News

Three powerful storms are churning in the Atlantic, including Hurricane Jose, whose impact will be felt up and down the East Coast, especially New England. Meanwhile, Hurricane Maria threatens Puerto Rico.

Hurricane Jose ambles off U.S. coast as new Tropical Storm Maria tracks Irma's early path

Subject to Change EITHER WAY

As Hurricane Jose ambles northward in the Atlantic far off the East Coast, an innocuous-sounding system has turned into Tropical Storm Maria in the Caribbean and could well follow Irma's destructive path toward Florida as a full-blown hurricane.

At 5 p.m. Saturday, the National Hurricane Center upgraded the one-time disturbance to Tropical Depression Maria and said it was 620 miles east-southeast of the Lesser Antilles, moving west at 20 mph. It was packing maximum sustained winds of 50 mph.

A hurricane watch was issued for Antigua, Barbuda, St. Kitts, Nevis and Montserrat, a route followed by Irma as it moved westward. USAToday


Slichos Motzei Shabbos

Thousands of mispallelim flocked to the Kosel to daven Selichos,
early Sunday morning. 

Jews of Askenazic descent began to recite 
Selichos Motzoei Shabbos or Sunday morning
– as per the various 
minhagim – joining their Sephardic
brethren who have been doing so since Rosh Chodesh Elul.
(Reuters/Ronen Zvulun)

18 September 2017

Ha’Azinu: “'Listen, O Heavens’ ... I am Warning Israel, and You Shall Be Witnesses …"

...he called upon heaven and earth as witnesses...that endure forever

Listen, O heavens, and I will speak! 
And let the earth hear the words of my mouth!” 
(Devarim 32:1)

Rashi: "Listen, O heavens" that I am warning Israel and you shall be witnesses in this matter, for I have already told Israel that you will be witnesses. And so is [the clause] "And let the earth hear" [to be similarly understood].

Now why did [Moses] call upon heaven and earth to be witnesses [for warning Israel]?

Moses said: "I am [just] flesh and blood. Tomorrow I will die. If Israel says, 'We never accepted the covenant', who will come and refute them?" Therefore, he called upon heaven and earth as witnesses for Israel -- witnesses that endure forever. Furthermore, if they [Israel] act meritoriously, the witnesses will come and reward them: "The vine will give its fruit, the earth will yield its produce, and the heavens will give their dew". (Zech. 8:12)

And if [Israel] acts sinfully, the hand of the witnesses will be upon them first [to inflict punishment upon them]: "And He will close off the heaven that there will be no rain, and the soil will not give its produce" (Deut. 11:17) and then [the verse continues]: "and you will perish quickly" -- through [the attacks of] the nations.

Hurricanes, NIBIRU?, Electric Type Sky Events
[Nibiru seems to be in the background as “Nature Events” take center stage. Moshe Rabbeinu called the Earth and the Celestial Bodies to be Eidim (witnesses) to the Torah admonitions]

September 15, 2017: UPDATE / Hurricane Jose is being forecasted to morph into a giant structured storm, creating a tremendous wind field reminiscent of Superstorm Sandy of 2012. The track has once again shifted and more models are in agreement now on something else that could spawn a very unique scenario in the coming days in the Central Atlantic. Getting close to the upper NE by the 18th.

A Massive Hurricane is spawning and headed straight for East Coast!
September 16, 2017: A strange scenario, according to current forecast models are showing a very unusual, almost a head on collision of two hurricanes off of the East Coast of the US on September 25, 2017. Hurricane Maria, forecasted to be a Major Category Hurricane is coming very close the the East Coast, but almost miraculously is grabbed by Hurricane Jose! Of course, all of this is subject to change but this is what the models are showing now.

Hurricane Jose ambles off U.S. coast as new Tropical Storm Maria tracks Irma's early path (see video at) USAToday. The National Hurricane center is eyeing three storms in the Atlantic - Hurricane Jose, Tropical Storm Maria, and Tropical Storm Lee. A hurricane watch was issued for Antigua, Barbuda, St. Kitts, Nevis and Montserrat, a route followed by Irma as it moved westward.

SHOCKING! Lightning Coming off SUN 
Another SIGN of PX?

Ultra Violet Sunlight Strength - UVA-B & UVC 
"Daily Data Values" in the Human Domain
Relevant data you should probably have heard of by now, it's global...The numbers you see in this video being measured is "Electromagnetic Radiation". TEAM UV monitors these values everyday keeping a watchful eye on the protective shields of our atmosphere. If they ever begin to fail....we will know and so will you

Melanie Phillips on Anti–Semitism

Melanie Phillips on Britain’s Alarming Anti-Semitism Problem
While the number of anti-Semites is small, the amount of anti-Semitism diffused throughout British society is high.

In 2002, on the BBC TV show Question Time, I was accused of dual loyalty in front of a jeering studio audience. My crime had been to defend Israel against demonization and double standards by both the audience and other members of the panel.

At that time I had visited Israel only twice in my life, two years previously. No matter. A British Jew defending Israel was – and is – immediately accused in some quarters of incipient treachery toward Britain, just as throughout history anti-Semites have accused Diaspora Jews of dual loyalty or treachery merely because they are Jews.

I thought of my own experience when I read the report on anti-Semitism in the UK published this week by the Institute for Jewish Policy Research.

There is currently much disquiet over the Labour Party’s conspicuous failure to address significant anti-Semitism within its ranks. But there has long been far wider concern among many British Jews about the anti-Semitic discourse, harassment and physical attacks which have become sickeningly commonplace in Britain over the past few years.

The report’s author, Daniel Staetsky, describes a situation which is complex.

Only around 5% of the population is out-and-out anti-Semites holding multiple anti-Jewish attitudes. Nevertheless, about 30% subscribe to some kind of anti-Semitic views. The key is Staetsky’s distinction between anti-Semites and anti-Semitism. For while the number of anti-Semites is very small, the amount of anti-Semitism diffused throughout British society is much greater.

That’s because, while people may not feel personal hostility toward Jews, they may believe certain things which are in themselves anti-Semitic. As Staetsky says: “Anti-Semitic ideas are not as marginal in Great Britain as some measures of anti-Semitism suggest, and they can be held with and without open dislike of Jews.”

As a result, the probability for a British Jew of encountering “potentially offensive or, at the very least, uncomfortable” views is about one in three. That’s high.

Staetsky states, however, that 70% of British people hold a “favorable” attitude toward Jews. He reaches that optimistic figure, though, only by reducing respondents’ options to categorize their attitudes. When offered more options, the scenario for British Jews becomes less rosy: only around 39% have “somewhat” or “very” favorable opinions of Jews, more than 5% are classed as “somewhat” or “very” unfavorable and nearly 56% are classed as neither favorable nor unfavorable or as “didn’t know.”

Two groups are shown to be principally responsible for problematic attitudes: Muslims and the Left.

While “significant proportions of Muslims reject all such prejudice,” anti-Semitism and anti-Israel attitudes are two to four times higher among Muslims than in the general population.
And contrary to the claim by those on the Left that they can’t be anti-Semitic because they are opposed to racism and fascism, the report says levels of anti-Semitism on the Left are “indistinguishable” from in the rest of the population.

When it comes to Israel, however, the Left is worse. Even those who are “slightly left-of-center” or “fairly left-wing” are more anti-Israel than the general population, while the more left-wing people are the more they hate Israel.

Moreover, says Staetsky, while only 12% of the population are out-and-out Israel-bashers, close to a quarter of Britons believe, to some extent at least, that Israel is deliberately trying to wipe out the Palestinian population, and about one in five that Israel is an apartheid state.
These are huge numbers for such poisonous lies. And no fewer than 56% hold at least one anti-Israel attitude.

So as Staetsky says, the feeling among so many Jews that they encounter anti-Israel positions all the time becomes immediately comprehensible.

The true extent of anti-Semitism has been masked by claims that being anti-Israel is not the same as being anti-Jew. Staetsky, however, states: “The existence of an association between the anti-Semitic and the anti-Israel attitudes tested is unambiguous.”

Moreover, the stronger the hostility to Israel the more likely it is to be accompanied by anti-Semitic attitudes such as that “Jews exploit Holocaust victimhood for their own purposes.” And that correlation puts left-wing Israel-bashers squarely in the anti-Semitism camp.
Staetsky makes the link solely through a statistical overlap between anti-Israel and anti-Semitic attitudes. I’d go further. Anti-Israel discourse has exactly the same unique characteristics as anti-Semitism.

Both are based entirely on lies, distortions and libels, double standards, obsessive hatred and the assumption of a covert conspiracy with an almost supernatural cosmic power to do the world harm. And that’s no coincidence.

People don’t understand that the demonization of Israel isn’t merely “criticism.” Nor do they understand that anti-Semitism isn’t just an expression of dislike or hatred. Both are instead a particular form of derangement – a repudiation of reason and the replacement of truth by paranoid and malevolent lies.

Many Israel-bashers have no idea that what they are saying is profoundly anti-Semitic, because they have no idea that it is a set of deranged lies.

That’s because they never hear the truth. And that’s above all due to the failure of Israel to make its own case in an intelligent and strategic manner.

The report makes clear that far-right adherents, although among the most anti-Semitic, are of negligible importance because there are so few of them. Of far greater concern is the Left which dominates British society. And that’s what’s making Britain so uncomfortable now for so many Jews.

This op-ed (at Aish.com) originally appeared in the Jerusalem Post.
Melanie Phillips is a columnist for The Times (UK).