Tuesday, January 8, 2013

'Frankenstorm' in Israel?

Didn't take long for this headline to appear:

From Arutz Sheva

"'Frankenstorm' lashes Israel: 'Israel’s answer to "Superstorm Sandy" closed Tel Aviv’s major highway, and that’s only a preview. Heavy snow predicted.' and more ..."

...Ayalon was shut down ...
...Train service from Hadera, northeast of Netanya, was cancelled ...
...Gale force winds ripped trees ...
"In a rare meteorological event for Israel, several weather fronts converged at once over the country." (this is what "Sandy" was called by US meteorologists)
...Snow already has piled up on the Hermon slopes ...
..."Snow may begin falling on Jerusalem at night, with colder temperatures making accumulations of up to five inches possible"

From YNetnews

..."the Tel Aviv Municipality announced Tuesday it was preparing to evacuate residents for fear of floods in the city's southern and northern neighborhoods..."
..."...the water level measured at the HaShalom interchanged reached 40 centimeters"

And Jerusalem Post online
Dangerous Dust Storms

"The South is experiencing high air pollution levels due to the sand and dust storms created by the windy weather, the Environmental Protection Ministry warned. Areas of particular concern include the Negev, the Coastal Plain, the Shfela basin, Jerusalem and Judea, the ministry said."

"Sensitive populations – such as those with heart disease, lung disease, pregnant women, the elderly, and young children – should refrain from strenuous physical activities in the region, the ministry said. As the rain spread southward starting on Sunday night, the dust pollution was expected to decrease, the ministry added."

And Haaretz

"Latest updates: (unfortunately) Three killed, one seriously injured in accident on Jerusalem-Tel Aviv highway; Ayalon River, usually a dry bed, floods beyond capacity, forcing closure on accompanying highway in both directions; traffic halted across Tel Aviv, police ask drivers to stay away from the area." (emphasis mine)

Below is an excerpt, but read the whole post from YeranenYaakov

"And when the Keitz will come closer, there will be great troubles and these will continuously intensify, and this is a sign of salvation for Israel. And it similarly says in Midrash [and Sanhedrin 98a on the verse] (Yeshaya 59:19) "for distress will come in like a flood, which the breath of the LORD driveth" that if you see a generation where many troubles are coming upon it like a river, wait for him, as it says "for distress will come in like a flood, which the breath of the LORD driveth" and next to it, it says, "And a redeemer will come to Zion, and unto them that turn from transgression in Jacob, saith the LORD." (emphasis mine)

It doesn't say 'like a flood', it says 'COMES IN like a flood', and 'Breath of the LORD' = winds.


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